Want to transform your body?

Are you looking to improve your core strength, become more flexibile, tone up and feel good, get your body back to optimum condition after an injury or do you have back pain that you want to treat?

Whatever your motives, I’m here to help. You can choose from personal Pilates training, a private group class, or one of the regular classes I teach in Exeter and Woodbury. Online classes are also available if you would prefer this option.

Your training will be enjoyable and varied – helping revitalise your mind and body. I’ll encourage you to let go of your daily stress, focus on yourself and inspire you to achieve your health and fitness goals. With regular practice you’ll look and feel great.


Please call 07855 451 722 for more information and to talk through what you would like to achieve.

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I’ve been teaching Pilates since 2007 and love what I do. I enjoy taking part in on-going training to make sure you get great service and I stay up to date with the latest techniques.

You’ll benefit from over 13 years of my experience teaching Pilates and corrective exercises.

My qualifications include fundamental, intermediate and advanced Pilates matwork, one-to-one Pilates, pregnancy and senior Pilates and small equipment. I’m also a qualified Level 4 lower back pain specialist as well as being trained in shoulder rehab, movement analysis, functional biomechanics, advanced stretching, hyper-mobility and barre exercises.

I combine matwork Pilates with the use of small resistance equipment so that you get maximum results from your exercises.