Back Pain Relief

Are you suffering from lower back pain and want to return to full fitness?

Do you want to enjoy exercising again and live life without the inconvenience of back pain?

I’m currently offering individual online classes as well as one-to-one classes where I come to you.

In these, we will go though some specific Pilates exercises you can do to help relive your back pain. You can then use these exercises at home on a daily basis to keep your back strong and healthy.

The online sessions are just £20 for 30 minutes. You’ll learn some chair based and standing exercises or mat based Pilates depending on your preference. Please contact me if you would like to book a session. You can also do one-to-one training for lower back pain where I come to you and we go through the exercises in person.

Typical benefits of Pilates include:

The exercise programmes are based on the latest NICE guidelines for treating lower back pain.

Enjoy life without lower back pain.

Call Eleanor on 07855 451 722 or email to get started.


“Thank you for a very brilliant programme. I have found it very useful and highly therapeutic” Dr S G Gollo FRCPCH
“My Back has been a problem for about 12 years. I have had physio on and off. The good thing is that I have already noticed an improvement. I can now find my central (posture) position easily and can feel the benefit as soon as I readjust. All in all a very positive start.” Steve Rose
“I had major problems with my back. It was stopping me playing golf. My back is now miles better than before.” George Cullen
“I now understand my back problem more clearly and am developing an increased range of movement and much less pain.” Malcolm Lindsay
“The exercises have made such a difference. My body feels flexible and free from pain again” Carolyn Brown

Excellent explanations and prompts throughout. My back pain has significantly improved” Oonagh Swan