About Positively Pilates



The contemporary matwork Pilates programmes I’ve developed are whole body workouts, designed to tone and re-balance your body and strengthen your abdominals without stressing your spine.

The sessions work on addressing many of the lifestyle problems people face today, e.g. too long spent sitting at desks, and stressful jobs and lives. The exercises all work to lengthen your posture, tone your muscles and bring a sense of calm and happiness.

All the movements are low impact and are great for isolating and strengthening your weaker muscles, increasing range of motion at your joints and lengthening overly tight muscles.

You’ll use breathing to help you focus on your body, leaving you feeling calm and refreshed by the end of each session. The greater awareness of your body that you develop will help you stay injury free and perform better in other sporting activities.

What benefits will you feel?

Your body works best when you have the right balance of flexibility and strength. The Pilates exercises I use are designed to work all the muscles in your body and to keep them lengthened and your joints flexible. This will help you stay tall, lean and agile.

There are lots of reasons why people enjoy Pilates! Some of the main reasons are that it:

When will you notice results?

In ten sessions you’ll feel the difference, in twenty you’ll see the difference, in thirty you’ll have a new body

– Joseph Pilates